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Il nome Terra Beige & Brown descrive perfettamente la composizione di questa collezione. La palette di colori è suddivisa in tre categorie di colore: grigio, tonalità rossastre e tonalità neutre in gradazioni  dal beige al marrone. Beige & Brown è composta da 12 colori in formato 60 x 60 centimetri.

Le informazioni riguardanti questo prodotto e l'azienda potrebbero non essere aggiornate.
Mosa flooring solutions, more than just tiles
When designing tiled floors, Mosa provides solutions that meet the most stringent requirements in terms of quality and functionality, and design plays a guiding role. Aesthetic requirements are combined with practical techniques and translated into architectural solutions in which individual elements and accessories are integrated into the flooring where possible. Mosa offers a wide range of coordinating colours, sizes, slip resistant tiles and accessories, as well as practical extras such as integrated lighting in floors, stair tiles and guidance tiles for the visually impaired.
Terra LED: tiles with integrated lighting
Lighting incorporated in floors and walls provides an extra nuance and can be installed using tiles from our successful Terra Maestricht® collection. These LED tiles can be used to create stunning and clearly visible markers in tiled surfaces. This state-of-the-art lighting is integrated in the tile in such a way that it can be fitted at the same time as the other tiles. These tiles have the same dimensions and thickness, and naturally share the same impeccable quality. Suitable for floors and walls.
Unique shower solutions
[An innovative solution for water drainage in tiled flooring is the Mosa Shower Drain, which is integrated in the tiled floor for a unique yet seamless appearance. The drain is virtually invisible and incorporated aesthetically in the fully tiled floor.]
A shower tray accessory with a built-in partition forms a perfect but gradual water retaining structure in showers and sanitary areas. Its profile and dimensions fit seamlessly with the other tiles in the Mosa collection. It is with good reason that this solution is frequently used in homes for the elderly and disabled, adaptable housing and healthcare facilities.
Mosa stair tiles
Stair tiles from Mosa fit perfectly in an architect-designed floor. Choose from stair tiles enhanced with milled slip resistant grooves or an extra finished front for a thicker appearance. Available in a large standard size of 30x120 centimetres in the Terra XXL colours. Customised sizes or models are available on request. These hardwearing, long-lasting stair tiles are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Increased slip resistance
Tiles with a relief structure provide extra safety where necessary or desirable, such as for outdoor applications, to enhance outside/inside transition, for sanitary areas, sports facilities, around swimming pools, in the healthcare sector and in homes for the elderly. Mosa slip-resistant tiles have been designed to be seamlessly combined with the basic tiles from the same collection. Tiles are available in a range of slip resistance grades for professional working areas or wet rooms subject to the most stringent requirements in terms of floor safety. All slip-resistant tiles from Mosa feature a microseal as standard, which makes the tiles easy to clean.


Pavimento/rivestimento in ceramica
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