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Raffaele Generotti

Raffaele Generotti Architetto

Raffaele Generotti

Raffaele Generotti


Rome (RM)

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am constantly searching for space that is not seen by others. My daily challenge is maximising the square meters available, these being as essential to a home as horsepower is to a car. I am always thrilled by challenges and that is why, when the stakes are high, I give my all to the successful outcome of a project. In my mind's eye I have already chosen all the materials, colour schemes and lights, at the very same time that I am imagining how to assign the different spaces to suit all needs. Lighting is fundamental, more so than the choice of a colour or material. I prefer to design the furnishings and furniture myself so that they can be better moulded into the surrounding space. My style is classical but with a modern revisitation, forms and functions dating back to the seventies and elevated to neoclassical dignity


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