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Raoul Vecchio

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Raoul Vecchio

Raoul Vecchio


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Profilo di Raoul Vecchio

Raoul Vecchio was born in Catania (Italy), in 1985.He graduated in Engineering and Architecture at the University of Catania, on 2014. In 2015 he won the International Prize for Solidarity Federico II, and “Giovanni Lorenzin Prize”. He also won the competition “Elisa Springer Memory Monument” for Manduria (Taranto, Italy) in 2017. He collaborates with italian and african Universities, and takes part to workshop and conferences. He develops so many architectural and urban projet of development for african cities and villages, to improve social and economical conditions and to create sulf-sufficiency, also with education programs. In 2016/17 he educates around 10.000 people in Casamance villages. He is the founder of “Balouo Salo” project and develops different theories and concepts on the approach to solidarity, integration and development projects. He dedicates most of his life to social activities, to fight prejudice and stereotypes, to promote equality and peace.


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