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Remo Bozza

Remo Bozza Architetto

Remo Bozza

Remo Bozza


Via Palazzo, 121 - 04023 Formia (LT)

Profilo di Remo Bozza

I am an Italian Landscape Architect i was born in Formia (LT) in 05/23/1989 but for study i lived in Rome for 3 years and 2 in Tourin, i love travel and i visited for work and holiday the most part of Europe, Argentina(Buenos Aires), Uruguay, Brasil (Porto Alegre), and i lived from October 2013 at january 2014 in Toronto Canada. I did some big works in Sassari (Italy) in the summer of 2014. In April 2015 i start my Cananda work for 6 month i worked for Sander Design office in Toronto and now i come back to Italy for many jobs but i wait the next challenge in the world !.! My university experiences are: “La Sapienza University” – Rome, Architecture Course. Degree: Three – year Architecture Course (Garden end Landscape) Final exam date: 03/15/2010 2008 – WORLD ARCHITECTURE FESTIVAL in BARCELLONA – Conferences of architects about their projects. Visit to Parc Guell and Botanical Garden in Barcellona Architecture Course in Genova, Magistrale pluri-atenea degree (Green Space and Landscape Planning), Final exam date: 12/19/2012


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