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Renato Bugiotti

Renato Bugiotti Designer

Renato Bugiotti

Renato Bugiotti


08028 Orosei (NU)

Profilo di Renato Bugiotti

Born in 1972 in Fossombrone, in the Province of Pesaro-Urbino. At two years of age, in 1974, he moved to Orosei, Sardinia, where he still lives. His development as an artist and his thirst for discovering and bettering himself led him closer and closer to design; he learnt its every nook and cranny until over time it became his profession. His first exhibitions date back to 1998 at several regional collective events. In 2012 he held a personal exhibition at the “Sa Domu Nostra” museum in Senorbì, Sardinia. Subsequently he did shows in Germany, in Verona – during the Marmomacchine trade fair – and in France with a personal called “Impression” at Gallery Pathitha, Arles. His language focuses its expressive force on the contrast and interplay of various materials and components.


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