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Riccardo Bortolotto Bortolotto

Riccardo Bortolotto Bortolotto Architetto

Riccardo Bortolotto Bortolotto

Riccardo Bortolotto Bortolotto


Via Ponte Vecchio 30/A - 36034 Malo (VI)

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Since my first years of school, I have had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do for a living because I have always been inspired by architecture. So, after obtaining a diploma in Surveying at the Technical Institute of Schio I enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ferrara. During my university career I worked for six months at the ADEPT Office, in Copenhagen where I took part in various remarkable projects. For one of the projects developed during this experience we received a Special Mention in the EUROPAN 10 – 2010 Architecture Competition. Afterwards, I followed the ERASMUS Exchange Program and for seven months I attended courses at the ‘Universidade de Minho” in Guimaraes – Portugal. During this period I was under the guidance of Professor Carlos Maya and I participated in the Student Competition of the World Architecture Festival URBAN SOS for which I carried out a construction project for the post-earthquake redevelopment of Port au Prince, Haiti’s capital city. Once I was back in Italy I made contact with Professor Antonello Stella of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ferrara and started work on my thesis project. The central theme of my thesis is the Redevelopment of an abandoned Industrial Area in Ris-Orangis on the outskirts of Paris. Professor Stella and I jointly decided that the best way to develop this project further would be if I could work in a French Architectural Studio. As a result of our thinking I moved to Paris for some months and found a job at the Architectural Studio Design SERERO in Paris. SERERO Architects Studio has helped me understand how to allow my projects to become more appealing and also increased my awareness and understanding of the different aspects of a “project approach”. During this period I also learnt how to establish important relationships especially with respect to research and design guidelines, with Local Administrations. In July 2011 I graduated in Architecture and in January 2012 I obtained the Authorization for Projects’ Signing by the Italian Government. Currently I am following projects of Interior Design, Graphic Design, 3D Modeling and Rendering for Architectural Studios in Italy. My career aspiration is to enhance my architectural knowledge on an international basis and I am eagerly searching for this opportunity.


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