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Robert  Lachance

Robert Lachance Designer d'interni

Robert  Lachance

Robert Lachance

Designer d'interni

Profilo di Robert Lachance

It is easier to comprehend the interior design when the personality of the person who imagined it is known. A self-taught artist, Robert Lachance started with two-dimensional works before turning toward monumental sculptures that combine fibreglass, wood, and metal. His heritage from the Refus Global endows his abstract works with a raw power and organic sensuality that leave a deep impression. With fifteen years of practising art behind him, Lachance reached the conclusion that people appreciate contemporary art but rarely purchase it. He therefore decided to integrate art with functionality and create inhabitable artworks. With his background as artist, industrial mechanic, and handyman, he acquired just about all the talents he needed to renovate old buildings, from the foundation to attic, including plumbing and finishing. Neither architect nor designer, he goes with his artist’s intuition, feeling more than analyzing the potential of an interior space. As a result, nothing is planned; everything is done as the story evolves, and then delivered to future visitors. This empirical creative process sometimes produces formal incongruities that give the home its charm and special character. In the artist’s hands, everything becomes a work of art: furniture, lighting fixtures, floors, stairs, banisters, ceramics, and more. Moreover, as an eco-designer, Lachance uses recycled materials. Metal posts used to reinforce concrete are shaped into a sinuous banister. Wood planks are aligned to form the sculptural base of the bathtub. Far from being restrictive, the formal limitations of recycled materials become a source of inspiration: glass taken from French doors, old globes, and twisted sheets of copper are transformed into a majestic lighting fixture. Although he has kept it a secret up to now, Lachance is thinking of offering his services to those looking for unconventional living spaces. You can see some of his other projects on the Web site

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