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Faraone Architetture Trasparenti

Faraone Architetture Trasparenti Designer

Faraone Architetture Trasparenti

Faraone Architetture Trasparenti


via po 12 - 64013 Tortoreto (TE) 0861784233

Profilo di Faraone Architetture Trasparenti

Curtain walls and steel&glass staircases are the most recognizable items produced by Faraone Srl. FARAONE WAS ONE OF THE FIRST COMPANIES TO ADOPT THE INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY OF THE POINT-FIXED GLASS SYSTEM, AND QUICKLY BECAME A LEADER IN THE FIELD. This position is strengthened by means of continuous investment in technology research, the development of product lines and special attention dedicated to services, following a total quality model. Passion, continuity and professionalism are fundamental qualities that Faraone offers to its partners. It does not only produce external structures, but also partitions, doors, canopies, structures for urban planning/streets, as well as interior staircases and a wide range of railing and balustrades. Design plays a central role in all new Faraone products.


Team di Faraone Architetture Trasparenti

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