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My great-grandfather built windmills. In his free time, he wove traditional farmhouse chairs. My grand- father was a professional cabinetmaker. His workshop was filled with machines driven by heavy leather belts. Later he opened a small shop and sold his furniture. My father, Henk Vos, became an interior architect and quite literally expanded his father's furniture shop and sold brand name furniture. So I grew up surrounded by classic designers - Charles Eames, Joe Colombo, Martin Visser… - who were such a part of my life, they felt like playmates. I studied industrial design at the Design Academy in Eindhoven (1984-1990), where I met my wife, Claire - a carpet and pattern designer. After my internships at Ingo Maurer's studio in Munich and Kenji Ekuans Industrial Associates in Tokyo, we spent 6 years living and working on the Indonesian island of Java.


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