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Riccardo  Renzi

Riccardo Renzi Architetto

Riccardo  Renzi

Riccardo Renzi


Piazzale di Porta al Prato 21 - 50144 Firenze (FI)

Profilo di Riccardo Renzi

(Firenze 1979), Ph.D. (2007-2009), Adjunct Professor at Unifi since 2010, he studied in Florence and developed his thesis project in New York. His research field focuses on Italian architecture of the 20th century, he is curator of Gherardo Bosio’s Archive since 2007 and of Alfredo Lensi’s Archive since 2011. A partner of Associazione Studi Fiorentini since 2012, he has worked on and studied social housing developments from 2011 and works, as of 2014, at the PPcP research unit of Dida, of which he is a member since 2015. Involved in many UNIFI research activities on urban projects, some of which he has coordinated and others of which he is now coordinator. Author of four books on architecture, several essays and articles, he attended, and organized many conferences, and participated in exhibitions both for his research and works. Active as an architect since 2005, he has been selected as emerging architect in 2010 by the magazine presstletter, and as host for some conferences in Rome focused on the role of the contemporary architect organized by magazines such as L’Arca, pressTmagazine, as well as by Ance and In-Arch. He won the first prize competition for the new marketplace in S. Ambrogio in Florence (2005), the second prize for the new centre of Rignano sull’Arno (2005), the second prize of In-Arch for an emergency home design after L’Aquila Earthquake (2009), the second prize for the new centre of Novate Milanese in Milan (2009), and the first prize for the new Montesanto subway station in Naples (2013).

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