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Samuel Codegoni

Samuel Codegoni Designer

Samuel Codegoni

Samuel Codegoni


Milano (MI)

Profilo di Samuel Codegoni

Born in Milan in 1972, he got a degree in Industrial Design from Polytechnic University of Milan in 1998 with a thesis developed for and together with IBM. In 1998 he completed an internship at the Alfa Romeo Style Centre, and was then hired as a designer at the FIAT Style Centre. Since 2002, he has owned and managed facilities offering comprehensive design services. His small design series of specialized products for the racing world have been used by several Formula 1 (Ferrari-Marlboro) and MotoGp (Ducati Corse, Yamaha) racing teams. Since 2008, he has also worked in furniture and furnishing accessory design. Several of his projects (created with Diquattrodesign or Bycode) were chosen for the ADI Index (2004 and 2006), displayed at the St. Etienne Biennial (2006) and the itinerant exhibition, MilanoMadeInDesign (2006-2007) as well as That’s Design (2007). Since 2004, he has collaborated on various projects with the Polytechnic University of Milan, including both research and education.


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