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Sandi Renko

Sandi Renko Designer

Sandi Renko

Sandi Renko


Via Natisone, 20 - 35135 Padova (PD) +39 049 601506

Profilo di Sandi Renko

Born in Trieste in 1949, studied at Nordio Art Institute. In the 70s he moved to Padua, where he also worked in the industrial design sector. Here he understood the cultural ferment of the avantgarde art movements and got in touch with Group N, and at the same time he succeeded in the industrial field. His modus operandi is based on working surfaces made of corrugated cardboard, treated with acrylic colors, solid geometric structures, apparently basic patterns, pivoted on the motif of the cube. The modular development of the space is approached with methodological accuracy, proposing variable sequences to the spectator, reduced to essential visual elements. He uses simple lines that differs for length and thickness, thus managing to create volumetric effects that take the kinetic characteristics when observed from different point of views. Endorsing the new avant-garde spirit developed in Italy in the 60s, he re-elaborated a visual and architectonic personal lexicon, he experimented the perceptive and multi-sensorial variables, diversifying the light effects.


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