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Scelsi Valter

Scelsi Valter Architetto

Scelsi Valter

Scelsi Valter


Genova, GE (GE)

Profilo di Scelsi Valter

Valter Scelsi is an architect and researcher who teaches architectural design at the University of Genova. From 2002 to 2011 his activity was linked to Sp10, the architectural office he co-founded. Additionally, he worked whit Edoardo Sanguineti, as founders member of the collective Magazzino Sanguineti (2003/08). He also conceived and edited the series Testi di Architettura, published by Sagep. He was co-curator of “SuperSuperstudio”, a retrospective exhibition at PAC, in Milan, 2015. Scelsi is the editor of Opusanalogico, a website dedicated to the analogies, from 2014 on

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