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Silvio Russo

Silvio Russo Designer

Silvio Russo

Silvio Russo


23847 Luzzana (LC)

Profilo di Silvio Russo

This self-described “space-age-artist”, a native of Bolzano, Italy, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, underwritten by a scholarship he received directly from Pope John XXIII. Silvio Russo has made a mark for himself as an exciting multi-faceted artist and designer. His multimedia approach challenges traditional boundaries of painting, sculpture, architecture and design, and combines mathematical precision with a dynamic use of space, colour and form. Invited by the India Government to visit India, in January and February 1984, Russo lectured in several cities, culminating his visit in a private meeting with then the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. A trend maker. In his constant search for innovative solutions in art fields as well in the industrial world, Silvio Russo pushes his creativity beyond the direct combination of design, material and technology. The results, not only innovative but exilareting, are characterized by a precise functionality, not without a sense of humor, fun and joy of living. His major artworksworks can be seen in Toronto and in New York.


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