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Simon Morasi Piperčić

Simon Morasi Piperčić Designer

Simon Morasi Piperčić

Simon Morasi Piperčić


Taborska ulica, 31 - 10000 Zagabria +385981392209

Profilo di Simon Morasi Piperčić

Founded in ’13, Simon Morasi Piperčić is a Zagreb-based design office that works on various projects ranging from furniture and spatial design to site-specific installations, art direction, and design consultancy. The distinctive identity of the studio lies in the intercultural space between elitism and egalitarianism, exclusivity and inclusiveness, avant-garde experiments and highly marketable products, which has helped the team to successfully build a specific position easily recognizable in the global professional context. The office has been granted with some of the most highly considered awards - German Design Award in 2017, Red Dot in ’13 and ’15 and Interior Innovation award in ’15. In ’14, they were a part of the team that designed Croatian pavilion at the Venice architecture biennale. Their work was published in several renowned magazines (Dezeen, Domus, Frame, Designboom etc.) and exhibited worldwide.


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