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Tommaso Ragnisco

Tommaso Ragnisco Designer

Tommaso Ragnisco

Tommaso Ragnisco


Rome (RM)

Profilo di Tommaso Ragnisco

Born in 1971 in Rome, I am the beloved child of a Roman architect fond of ancient art and a Montessori teacher with a tendency to set up all things around her in harmony. I was also raised by a Sardinian historian in love with movies, by a loving housewife with quite some fears and by a Lombard psychoanalyst with a lot of nerve.?? Since birth I enjoy a constructive confrontation and dialogue with my brother Emanuele, graphic designer, and is feel enriched by true encounters and experiences. ? I graduated in Industrial Design thanks to a spaceship design; am a sculptor, an illustrator and a designer; am skilled in creating special effects; and am also a makeup artist, a film set designer and builder of complicated learning devices, interactive machines for museums. In 1995 together with Cristina Croce I founded 21st Century Design studio, later called 21 Lab, with other 4 designers. We developed projects for museums, designed exhibits, created special effects and worked in film and tv production with, among others, the Studio Universal and Fox (Italy) TV channels. Following my great passion for cinema we produced in 1995 the short "Shit!" by Davide Marengo; in 2000 the short "Una Serata con il Dottor Hoffmann by Thorsten Kirchhoff"; in 2001 the short "Space Off" by Tino Franco; in 2005 the short "Overdrive" by Thorsten Kirchhoff; in 2007 the short "Lost Energy" by IED students, and also in 2007 "Second Chance" by Tino Franco.


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