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Urano Palma

Urano Palma Artista/Artigiano

Urano Palma

Urano Palma


00000 Varese (VA)

Profilo di Urano Palma

Urano Palma was born in Varese in 1936. After wandering through many Italian cities, careful to the artistic avant-garde movements, he settled in Milan, where he had the chance to meet great artists, such as Lucio Fontana. During his more that fifty years career, Urano Palma, made exhibitions in Germany (Ulm, Munich, Düsseldorf) in France, Spain, USA and recently in Korea, where he was chosen together with other eight sculptors to represent Italy for Seoul Olympic games with a work made of cast iron, which is at the moment at Permanent Museum of contemporary art. In Korea, precisely in Pusan, he just finished a 8 m high brass work, made for the International Exhibition of Art organised by Korean government. Since 1960 Urano Palma has devoted himself to design.

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