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Willie Landels

Willie Landels Designer

Willie Landels

Willie Landels


Milano (MI)

Profilo di Willie Landels

Born in Venice in 1928, Willie Landels grew up at the Comer Sea, which wasn’t easy as son of a Scottish and an Italian because of the politic tensions. But already during that time he developed his interest for arts and architecture. As a consequence he tried to study at the Milan Arts College after the war, but cancelling it after a short time to start a practical apprenticeship at the Milan Scala to become a stage painter. After another apprenticeship of arts Landels went to London, where he entered the JW Thompson publicity agency without knowing the advertising area, and worked there during 15 successful years. He became the editor of the Queen magazine in 1970. Beside his successful career in the advertising and media world, Landels became popular with the designs of plastic furniture in the 1960es. The most famous result of that time is the sofa “Throw Away” from 1965 that he designed for Zanotta, the Italian manufacturer that still produces it.


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