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Dario De Meo

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Dario De Meo

Dario De Meo


35012 Padova (PD)

Profilo di Dario De Meo

I was born in a small italian town near Venice. Here I began art school where I was familiarised with plastic, architectonic and artistic design. My graduate studies took me to Politecnico di Milano University, Milan, where I gained a degree in industrial product design. During this period I was exposed to and learnt from the big names of Italian product and furniture design. My professional career started in 2009 designing my first products to be manufactured by local artisans. These insightful early experiences with local artisans, “true art masters”, gave me a greater understanding and appreciation of their ability to create quality products through traditional production methods. In 2010 I started collaborating with several design firms where I gained direct experience of serial production, understanding both its limits and potential. Since then, I have always sought exposure to different production realities, by designing anything from lighting products (interior, garden, kitchen and residential lighting design) to electric bicycles, office chairs, bespoke/ contemporary furniture and home appliances. I have been fortunate to work in several different environments. This eclectic experience inspires me in every single project to retain a dynamic standpoint. I love experimenting, by contaminating serial production with the quality of handcraft processes, or on the other hand optimizing artisan techniques with industrial production strategies. My passion is narrating stories through my designs, expressing the ideas of those people who wanted, conceived and created the objects I give shape and essence to.


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