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Yosef Bercovich

Yosef Bercovich Designer

Yosef Bercovich

Yosef Bercovich


Via Cesare Battisti, 15 - Torino (TO)

Profilo di Yosef Bercovich

Yosef Bercovich has a Master’s in graphic design from Aalto University, Finland, and a Bachelor’s of Design from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel. He has worked on visual identity projects for clients including the Finnish Transport Agency, was a part of the Maarive (daily newspaper in Israel) design team, and was senior graphic editor for ”Masa Acher”- Monthly Voyage Magazine. He also likes to be involved in raising awareness of political and social causes, and worked as co-creator and director on the “I Care A Lot” portable discussion on the Middle East, International Jewelry Exhibition. Yosef has collaborated on projects for Experientia in the past, and joins us now as a Senior Interaction Designer.


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