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Snapshot of the excellences of international design, the Archiproducts Design Awards spotlight the most virtuous cooperations between brands and designers, and the innovations of their products as well, celebrating the successful results that today are writing new chapters in the history of architecture and design. The international jury is made of 40 among the most influent International Design Firms – who are the real judges of a product and therefore the ideal professionals for choosing the best solution for projects – along with some architecture photographers from all over the world. 'Today, we look at the candidates as well as at the prize winners, and we reflect upon the reason behind the ADA awards: attentively observing what happens when, from the idea of a person or group of people who dream of creating something which never before existed, through a vortex of designs, meetings, trials, prototypes, research on materials and shapes, calculations, comes an object which, in one way or another, will change the lives of people. It's the magic of a project, of the meetings of dreamers and builders, of the stories of men and women, who with incredible tenacity, are able to create new objects and share them with millions and billions of people through material and work. And the challenge lies in creating shapes and functions that will truly improve the lives of the people who use them, in terms of beauty, harmony, functionality, innovation, and technology', Enzo Maiorano, co-founder of Archiproducts. ... Mostra tutto ... Mostra meno

Archiproducts Design Awards – Winner 2017

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